Common Questions about Spirituality and Adidam


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Common questions about spirituality and spiritual practice

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

  • Why do we suffer? What can we do to be happy? Is it possible to be perfectly happy? What, in spiritual terms, is the root of our un-happiness, from moment to moment? If change of circumstances (wealth; fame; a desired career; a loving partner, children, and friends; etc.) doesn’t guarantee happiness (and this is clear from the records of the wealthy, the famous, the successful, and even the loved), then what does? What spiritual means are available for restoring us to happiness?

  • What can we do about the fact of our own mortality? What does happen after we die? In what way precisely does how we live impact what happens to us after we die? What is the best way to live in order to serve tangible spiritual growth, as well as our destiny after death?

  • Is it possible to go beyond just talk of (and belief in) God and a Greater Reality, and actually have direct experience of that Greater Reality? Does God exist? Why are we not aware of God right now? How do we actually find God for real? How can we stay in communion with the Divine Being under any circumstance? What is God really like? How can we know God directly?

  • What is the nature of the Greater Reality? How do the various teachings and Realizations of shamans, saints, yogis, and Spiritual Masters relate to each other and to the actual nature of Reality? Is it actually true that all paths to God are equal? Or are there real differences among religions and Spiritual paths that are important for us to know about in order to find the most beneficial Spiritual means? What is the greatest Spiritual potential and destiny we can realize, and what means is available for realizing it? Why aren't such Spiritual means more generally known or more widely practiced?

  • Tell me more about the tradition of genuine Spiritual Masters (Jesus of Nazareth, Gautama the Buddha, etc.), the different degrees and types of Spiritual Masters, and what the relationship with a living Spiritual Master is like.

  • What are miracles? How can I come into contact with the miraculous?

  • What are the connections between religion, spirituality, and science?

  • What are the limits of the materialistic view?

Common questions about Adidam and Adi Da Samraj

  • What is the spiritual practice of Adidam, and what is its ultimate Realization? Do I have to give up my ordinary enjoyments, or become an ascetic, or leave the world, in order to be a true Spiritual practitioner? If not, surely something is required, as I can't see getting something for nothing.

  • I understand that Adidam is a religion and a spiritual practice. How does Adidam compare with other religions? How does Adidam compare with other spiritual practices? I am used to thinking of "religion" as one kind of thing (organized, rituals, belief systems, charities and social services) and "spirituality" as a different kind of thing (practices, often not organized, and often "do it yourself"). How does Adidam compare with those common notions of religion and spirituality?
  • What is the ultimate potential of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's work with the world? Is it guaranteed (spiritually or otherwise) to succeed? How can I help?

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